Australia Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) is a professional premier college in Brisbane, Australia, currently delivering English and Vocational programs.

AIBT aspires to be the number 1 private educational provider in Australia by 2017. Our growth aspirations are driven by a dedicated, committed and extremely creative team of commercial experts, backed by renowned academics who are industry focused too. We want to see our students embark on a successful career journey. AIBT believes that successful speaks for itself, if our students are doing well, it reflects our success.

Following discussions between AIBT’s Indian Account Manager, Bulesh K. Sharma and Ambika Institute of Technology (AIT), an agreement has been reached for the provision of transnational education courses including Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and IELTS.

Students from AIT will not only graduate with highly valuable Indian education, but also will gain nationally recognised and internationally reputable awards from AIBT.

This qualification will not only set them apart from others in the region, but will also enable them to receive credit exemptions should they wish to proceed with higher education in Australia in the future.

new-articleKey benefits of AIBT’s academic programs to students include:

  • Nationally recognised and internationally respected.
  • Utilisation of real world MBA standard case studies.
  • Encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • In line with industry needs and demands.
  • Innovative assessment models that focuses on team work.
  • Focus on in demand soft skills – communication and public speaking.
  • Industry renowned trainers.
  • Easy articulation to higher education degrees.


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